Installing Codac on Windows for C++ use

Quick start

Using MinGW


Using Visual Studio

Download and extract e.g. (for Visual Studio 2019) from, open example\CMakelists.txt, choose x64-Release configuration in Visual Studio (instead of x64-Debug), double-click on main.cpp in the Solution Explorer and then click on the green Start button, finally check that “My first tube:Tube [0, 10]” appears.

Optionally, download and run before running the project, and check that a tube appears in VIBes window.

Building from sources

You will probably need to install these prerequisites (assuming you installed Chocolatey package manager):

choco install cmake git make patch winflexbison
choco install eigen

Then, install the desired compiler (e.g. choco install mingw --version=8.1.0).

Optionally, for Python (e.g. choco install python --version=3.8.2) and documentation:

choco install doxygen.install graphviz
python -m pip install --upgrade pip
pip install --upgrade wheel setuptools
git clone --depth 1 -b v3.1.1
cd sphinx
pip install .
pip install --upgrade breathe sphinx-issues sphinx-tabs sphinx_rtd_theme sphinx-reredirects

The logic to follow will then be similar to Linux (note that for Visual Studio, commands such as make install need to be replaced with something similar to:

cmake --build . --config Release --target install

See also Information for developers.