Codac releases

Codac release 0.1.7 (released Nov 4, 2021)

Commits since previous release 0.1.6

Features added

  • ff42f1c: in CN, allowing interm variables to be reset

  • c047730: introducing CN variables: IntervalVar and IntervalVectorVar

  • edd84d9: added an example of how to build a paving from a CN

  • 480b74b: CtcStatic can now be used in CN for Tube and TubeVector objects


  • 0bc617a: in CN, only contracting contractors are triggered

  • ff42f1c: the method create_dom is deprecated, use create_interm_var instead

  • cb34255: updated diff method

  • 0e87a9c: minor optimization in CtcDeriv

Bugs fixed

  • 2511f25: corrected bug in make_continuous()

  • 9b3c33d: corrected bug when empty subdomain

Python binding

  • 08e670b: Python binding of CN variables

  • 5c64d19: Python binding of CtcStatic

Codac release 0.1.6 (released Aug 25, 2021)

Commits since previous release 0.1.5

Features added

  • 4f273d9: towards generation of .deb and .nupkg packages

Bugs fixed

  • 5cf9223: corrected recent bug in CtcChain

  • b4c5a2c: corrected recent bug in CtcEval

Codac release 0.1.5 (released Aug 18, 2021)

Commits since previous release 0.1.4

Features added

  • b0b627a: added Brunovsky example

  • 6a16259: first attempt of sub-CN

  • f6fbe30: vehicle displayed on demand on trajectories


  • 3ed6090: improved CtcDelay since new tube definition

Bugs fixed

  • 22106ee: eval of TubeVector objects

Codac release 0.1.4 (released Mar 17, 2021)

Commits since previous release 0.1.3

Features added

  • bed28ab: added simple tube paving (1d)

  • 8a0f317: added explored area

  • 6d48604: new Tube::lb()/Tube::ub() methods

  • f50db66: new min/max functions on Tube

  • 04bd085: added PENUMBRA value for Set

Bugs fixed

  • d9dee9c: corrected bug in eval function

  • 0996ca9: solving implementation of DelayTFunction (shared libraries)

Codac release 0.1.3 (released Mar 1, 2021)

Commits since previous release 0.1.2


  • cddb598: improving loop computation in Python

Python binding

  • b178137: building Python module in Release mode

Codac release 0.1.2 (released Feb 20, 2021)

Commits since previous release 0.1.1

Bugs fixed

Codac release 0.1.1 (released Feb 16, 2021)

Commits since previous release 0.1.0


  • ed3ff69: improved TubeTreeSynthesis computations

  • 630a981: changing tube definition: unbounded outside tdomain \([t_0,t_f]\)

  • bb3d64c: updated the interface of loop detections/proofs


  • 803c839: IBEX types are now embedded

Python binding

  • d0351fb: Python binding of loop detections/proofs

  • afadfd7: building trajectories objects from numpy arrays

  • 3a79bf3: added missing rsub operators on Tubes

Codac release 0.1.0 (released Feb 2, 2021)

Commits since previous release tubex.3.1.1


  • a98cd94: transition Tubex -> Codac

Previous libraries from which Codac comes from

Codac has been built upon two libraries:

  • Tubex (Simon Rohou), that was dedicated to tubes, Contractor Networks, dynamical systems…

  • pyIbex (Benoît Desrochers), that was initially a Python binding of IBEX, and proposed tools related to separators, thicksets, geometrical contractors…