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codac::CtcPicard Class Reference

CtcPicard class. More...

#include <codac_CtcPicard.h>

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Static Protected Attributes

static const std::string m_ctc_name
 class name (mainly used for CN Exceptions)
static std::vector< std::string > m_str_expected_doms
 allowed domains signatures (mainly used for CN Exceptions)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from codac::DynCtc
 DynCtc (bool intertemporal=true)
 Creates a contractor. More...
virtual ~DynCtc ()
 DynCtc destructor.
void preserve_slicing (bool preserve=true)
 Specifies whether the contractor can impact the tube's slicing or not. More...
void set_fast_mode (bool fast_mode=true)
 Specifies an optional fast mode of contraction. More...
void restrict_tdomain (const Interval &tdomain)
 Limits the temporal domain of contractions. More...
bool is_intertemporal () const
 Tests if the related constraint is inter-temporal or not. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from codac::DynCtc
bool m_preserve_slicing = true
 if true, tube's slicing will not be affected by the contractor
bool m_fast_mode = false
 some contractors may propose more pessimistic but faster execution modes
Interval m_restricted_tdomain
 limits the contractions to the specified temporal domain
const bool m_intertemporal = true
 defines if the related constraint is inter-temporal or not (true by default)

Detailed Description

CtcPicard class.

Restricted tdomain feature?

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